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You have found me.  This is my online art world, where I post all things creative that started with that creative spark within, and found its way out. I LOVE being inspired, and I hope that I inspire you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ultimate Body Art Book Review


I have watched my girls go through this book, and I myself have perused the pages.  It is quite a fun book.  It gets your mind working, and not just for body art, but for Art Journal pages too!

My 8 year old got me using this book, and we spent time giving each other tattoos.

Of course my daughter's turned out beautifully.  She chose to reproduce the Strawberry and the Owl image from the book, adding her own flare to it.  I tried reproducing the cat image, and my own butterfly.  

The markers were a bit tricky to find but eventually I found them at DeSerres. 
They wash off a bit too easy. I will try the Tulip brand the next time.

We both rated this book a 10+.  Here is what Jimmer had to say about the book.
"It is a 10+10!  All my fingers and all my toes."

There are so many ideas to be ingested, and so many pages that urge you to go beyond their prompts.  Such a fun way to spend time together too. 

If you click on the image of the book, you will see that it is available on, as well as on

Happy Krafting,
Tanya and Jimmer

P.S. If you do try this out, please send me a link, I would love to see your creative tattoos.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Everything Girls "Ultimate Sleepover Party" book review

Good Morning,

I recently received this book, and my eldest daughter jumped all over it.  So I asked her for a review.

As a parent, the book is full of fantastic ideas for those who LOVE them based parties.  I rate this book a 10+.  It is affordable, the ideas are doable and it also makes a good birthday gift item.

Here is what my 10 year old had to say about it.

"This book has a lot of great ideas for girls ages 6 and up. It is always a good idea to use it when your planing a sleepover with a bud or for a birthday party.

I recently went to a friends house and we did a party game on page 79.  It was part of the Food Fest Sleepover section.You had to take stuff out of the fridge, and put it on the table. All you can use to make a food dish is the stuff you took out and put on the table.  Whoever had the best dish won.

It's a great thing to use when you and your friend are take an idea from the book and do it if you have the materials.

Thank you for listening to my opinion and hope you will get the book from a store near you!

Sincerely, Karlye "

Thursday, September 4, 2014



Here is a picture of one of my latest drawings.  She reminds me of a doll. I have so much to learn, but daily sketching is proving to be a wonderful form of inner expression. It soothes the soul.

Happy Krafting,


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's The Word, Bird.


I have been up to my eyeballs with Back-to-school business.  So many forms to fill out! Not to mention getting the girls back into a routine.

The above is my latest ATC card using the fabulous ECG stamps.
Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:

Owls are one of my favorite things.  I had the most wonderful drives home in the winter, as I got to see the 3 snowy owls perched on the street lights.  They greeted me each night.

ATC cards are my favorite things lately.  Who knew you could put so much detail into a  2 1/2 X 3 1/2 card.  I also used a recycled Starbucks sleeve for this one.  I just LOVE the sleeves.  So many uses!

What's on your desk this week?
Do tell!

Happy Krafting,

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014



I am back with another adorable Eat Cake Graphics rubber stamped image.  
Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:

I played around with my pencils for this one, adding texture to bring a bit of dimension to the kitty cat.
This is such a cute image. Friends for sure, coming together on a sunny day in the fields. I think they are both surprised to find out they get along.  I like surprises like that, don't you?

What kind of surprises have you come across lately?
Do Tell!

Happy Krafting,

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Black and White Stampotique Exchange

These are my Black and White ATC cards for the Stampotique ATC exchange.  They made it to their far away destinations, and were received with smiles.

Each stamp you see on these are from the Stampotique store.  I am in love with every single stamp in the store.  You place your order, and then they make the stamps, old school style, with wood.   They always stamp perfectly!

Happy Krafting!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Be Uplifted on your Birthday


Here is my "not so norm" birthday card.  I used left over papers that I had previously used to punch out shapes.  Then went to town stamping sewing and embellishing.  It is one of my usual busy cards, leaving the eye to roam around and discover many embellishments and layers.

Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:

1153-G Pixie Poppy
8151-D Happy birthday (fun text)

Pixie Poppy should have been red, but her hat reminded me of a snap dragon, so I went with that, figuring a fairy could die her clothes green should she want to.  It is, after all, a faerie's  prerogative!

Happy Krafting,